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Modular Machine Tool Concept

Assembling diamond turning and flycutting machines as needed based on the surfaces and dimensions of each part provides unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency.

This approach allows us to machine 36" parts and .036" parts, quantity one or ten thousand.

» Geometry Specializing in plano and spherical optics
» Material
Aluminum Nickel
Copper Gold
Tin Plastics
If it's "diamond turnable", we will.
» Size Up to 36 inches
» Flatness/
Varies greatly based on part geometries and material. We will evaluate each project and provide a reasonable estimate on those metrics based on past similar experience.
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We have access to flight-certified metrology for all interferometric certification. Our customers only pay for the metrology they need and not the metrology equipment that they don't.
Substrate Fabrication and Coating/Plating
We partner with the best local and national machine shops and coating/plating vendors and will work with all customers who need those services to make sure every aspect of fabrication is compatible and meets the highest standards.
Please contact us with any diamond turning, optics or precision machining needs.
If we don't provide what you need, we will help you find someone who does.