Single-point diamond turning flycutting optics Colorado Precision Products, Inc.
Single-Point Diamond Turning, Flycutting &
Ultra-Precision Machining Since 1983
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NuSTAR X-ray Observatory
Columbia University/Cal Tech/JPL/NASA

XMM-Newton X-ray Telescope
ESA/Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab

National Ignition Facility
Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab

LIGO Large-Scale Laser Interferometer Observatory
Cal Tech/ MIT

James Webb Space Telescope
Ball Aerospace/NASA

GOES-R Environment Satellite Series
LASP-University of Colorado

SBL-IFX Space-Based Laser
TRW/Schafer Corp.

Deep Impact
Ball Aerospace/NASA

Large Diamond-Turned Optics
Clients and Partners

CPPI provided optics for the
NIST-7 Atomic Clock.
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