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We produce the finest air bearing linear measurement gage heads available. Designed at LLNL and refined at CPPI, we offer several options:

Short (2") and long body (3") air bearing LVDT gage heads with a variety of connection options.

Capacitance Adaptor Probe
The same high quality air bearing gage head as our LVDT probes uses a capacitance gage in the back end, providing contact measurement capabilities to non-contact systems.

We've also provided custom air bearing gage heads for laser measurement systems and look forward to discussing all options.

Clockwise from top left: measuring mirrors for the KECK II observatory at LLNL; Lion Precision CAP system; spindle alignment at the microinch level; operating under oil shower
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Though we no longer offer the AB LVDT amplifier, we will be offering turn-key systems in the near future. We will work with you to match our probes withyour means to read them.

Measuring to 1/20 micrinch resolution with
Lion Precision AB-LVDT amplifier