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LVDTs : Mechanical Specifications    pdf
Description: Linear Porous Air Bearing - long and short body versions
Dimensions: 3" long (2" for short body version) by .750" diameter stainless steel body (plus adjustable transformer out back end and .400" moving shaft out front, see print)
Total Travel: .200 inches
Pretravel to Gaging Range: Adjustable
Orientation Constraints: None, operational in any orientation
Probe Tip Retraction: Pneumatic probe tip retraction port
Radial Compliance (measured with 100g weight): Long Body - Less than or equal to 2 microinchs per gram
Short Body - Less than or equal to 3 microinchs per gram
Tip Gaging Force: 1/10 gram minimum - adjustable
Probe Tip Thread: 4-48
Air Connection: 3-56 to 1/16" I.D. hose fitting
Air Pressure: 60 PSIG
Air Flow: <1 SCFH
Required Air: Clean, dry air - 5 micron filtered

Electrical Specifications
Measurement Specialties (formerly Schaevitz) MHR-025 LVDT transformers, click here for all details.